Disable Get Office notifications for Windows 10 during OSD with ConfigMgr



For most Windows 10 deployments, organizations are removing most of the built-in apps that ships with the operating system. However, in situations when this is not dealt with, for various reasons, you might get some unwanted notifications in the Action Center. Get Office is such an app that will periodically notify the end user with various suggestions. These notifications can be turned off in the Notification and Actions part of the new Settings app in Windows 10, with a single click. That will not work though when you’re deploying operating systems, instead you’d need some script to perform that action.

In this blog post, I’ll share a script that I’ve put together based on Jörgen Nilssons original idea leveraging Active Setup for operating system deployments, in order to amend or configure registry settings. This is necessary though, due to the fact that these notification settings resides in the current user hive of the registry.

Save the above script as e.g. Set-NotificationActions.ps1.

Using the script in a Task Sequence

In order to leverage the script for your operating system deployment of Windows 10, below is a list of required steps that you need to take:

1. Create a Package in ConfigMgr pointing to the content source where the Set-NotificationActions.ps1 script has been stored. Do not create a Program for this package.
2. In your task sequence used to deploy Windows 10, add a Run PowerShell Script step at some point after the Setup Windows and ConfigMgr step called e.g. Disable Office Hub Notifications.
3. Select the package recently created and configure the step as shown in the picture below: