The following powershell script will install VirtualBox silently and remove all unwanted shortcuts.

#Powershell wrapper made by Kieren Anderson #This wrapper will install VirtualBox and take away secondary shortcuts from the startmenu and desktop.

#Virtalbox Installation write-host Installing VirtualBox cmd.exe /c .\vbox.exe –silent write-host Finished

sleep 5

#Shortcut cleanup write-host Removing unwanted shortcuts Set-Location “C:\Users\Public\Desktop” Remove-Item “.\Oracle VM VirtualBox.lnk”

Set-Location “C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Oracle VM VirtualBox” Remove-Item “.\License (English).lnk”,”.\User manual (CHM, English).lnk”,”.\User manual (PDF, English).lnk” write-host Shortcut Removed

Write-Host Completed