Dell Driver Automation Tool

DeployEverything Dell Driver Download Automation Tool

Our previously created PowerShell script has been wrapped into a GUI and provides additional functionality that you requested, including the ability to manually select the models you wish to download drivers/bios updates for.

The tool automates the following processes;

  1. Query SCCM for a full list of Dell enterprise client products (Optiplex & Latitude) or Import CSV file containing your Dell models for MDT 
  2. Download BIOS updates for each model
  3. Creates a PowerShell Script for the BIOS update
    This allows you to deploy a package in SCCM with a program entry pointing to the PS script. As the PS script is updated with each version, you never need to worry about updating this.
  4. Create a BIOS Update Package based on machine mode
  5. Download Driver CAB for each model
  6. Extract the Driver CAB
  7. Import the drivers in the extracted CAB folder
  8. Create a Category based on the machine model
  9. Create a Driver Package based on the machine model and filename
  10. Imports the associated drivers into the newly created Driver Package