HP Driver Automation Tool

DeployEverything HP Driver Download Automation Tool

Automate the process of downloading HP driver packages into SCCM & MDT using the DeployEverything HP Driver Automation Tool PS script.

The tool automates the following processes;

  1. Downloads the HP SCCM Driver Pack Cabinet
  2. Extracts the contained XML and reads in the file
  3. Displays HP Driver Packages based on the OS selection within the GUI
  4. Creates Folders For Each Model
  5. Downloads the selected model SoftPaq’s
  6. Extracts the SoftPaqs
  7. Imports the SoftPaqs into SCCM, MDT or Both
  8. Create a Category based on the machine model
  9. Create a Driver Package based on the machine model and OS
  10. Imports the associated drivers into the newly created Driver Package