Ubuntu Server 14.04 – Apache2 Webserver – Let’sEncrypt SSL Cert

1. Change user from kanderson to SU

2. We will make a new directory inside the previous folder we create for the self signed cert. Call it CA-Cert.

3. On the Certbot site – https://certbot.eff.org/#ubuntutrusty-apache, follow the instructions they have under the install heading.

Since it doesn’t seem like your operating system has a packaged version of Certbot, you should use our certbot-auto script to get a copy:

certbot-auto accepts the same flags as certbot; it installs all of its own dependencies and updates the client code automatically. So you can just run:

Its also worth noting here to ensure that you have port forwarded 443 through router. Otherwise this will fail.

4. Once it has retrieved the install files and any other requirements it might need, you will be prompted to enter the Domain Name you want to secure. We will enter in our test one, webserver.andersonfamilynetwork.com

5. It will then ask for a recovery email address. Enter in email address.

6. Agree to the T&Cs. Press A

7. You are not willing to share your email address. Press N

8. You should now get an option like follows, select option 2.

9. Once successful you should see the following:

10. You can also test out the certificate security by going to https://www.ssllabs.com/ssltest/analyze.html?d=webserver.andersonfamilynetwork.com . Once running the test you should get a report like this.