Ubuntu Server 14.04 – Apache2 Webserver – PFSense Config – No-IP Config – VMware Hosted – Windows Domain

1. Assign a static  IP and obtain the MAC address.

In this example I have used and 00:50:56:ad:31:c3 . This is a virtual machine. Ensure you take snapshots along the way.

2. PFSense Config.

Services/ DHCP Server/ LAN/

Create a static machine, assigning the IP, MAC, and the name of the server. In this case Webserver.

3. In Firewall/ NAT/ Port Forward

Create a rule which includes the following.

Interface: OPTUS

Protocol: TCP

Destination: OPTUS address

Destination POrt Range: HTTPS (both TO and FROM)

Redirect target IP:

Redirect Target Port: HTTPS

Description: Webserver

Click on save, and you should now have a port forward record.

4. In Services/ Dynamic DNS/ Dynamic DNS Client

Add a new DNS client with the following details;

Service Type: No-IP

Interface to monitor: OPTUS

Hostname: webserver.andersonfamilynetwork.com

Username: usual

Password: usual

Description: Webserver

Click save, re-open the DNS client record. Scroll to the bottom and then select Save and Force Update.

5. Open the No-IP web portal and enter the following details.

6. On the Windows DC open DNS and add a A record so that local devices can get access to the web server.