In an earlier post I described how to deploy a Windows Image on UEFI-based Computers using PXE boot. This post can be found here:Blogpost. This time I want to deploy a Windows image on a Hyper-V Generation 2 VM using ConfigMgr boot media. Because Generation 2 is using UEFI and Secureboot, deployment is not working by default. Let’s have a look at some errors I see when starting deployment from a 64-bit boot image.

-Unable to find a raw disk that could be partitioned as the system disk. -Failed to prepare the system partition for staging. The system cannot find the drive specified. (Error: 8007000F; Source: Windows) -Failed to stage WinPE. Code(0x8007000F)

-System partition not set. -Unable to find the partition that contains the OS boot loaders. Please ensure the hard disks have been properly partitioned. -Failed to prepare the system partition for staging. Unspecified error (Error: 80004005; Source: Windows) -Failed to stage WinPE. Code(0x80004005)

Trick is you must disable Secureboot and create UEFI partitions yourself. Just turn Secureboot off in properties and when ConfigMgr boot media is started press F8 and create partitions yourself.

  • Diskpart
  • Select disk 0 (0 being the disk to setup)
  • Clean (wipe the disk)
  • Convert gpt (convert disk to GPT)
  • Create partition efi size=200 (EFI system partition)
  • Assign letter=s (Any allowable letter)
  • Format quick fs=FAT32 (Format the ESP)
  • Create partition msr size=128 (Create the MSR partition)
  • Create partition primary (Create Windows partition)
  • Assign letter=c
  • Format quick fs=NTFS (Format primary partition)
  • Exit

After that start the task sequence and you will be fine. Just make sure the ConfigMgr boot media using is 64-bit and the one used on the deployment task sequence is 64-bit also. This is mandatory to get the job done. Hope it helps!

Comment 8-4-2016: Create a diskpart script and add it into your USB/ISO (not PXE) media, if you don’t want to type it manually. Press F8 and start your script with: diskpart /s filename.txt (Source)