I was implementing a SCCM 2012 R2 environment at a customer. The customer bought new Lenovo Desktops with a SSD 128GB disks. The disks were not preconfigured. The disks were new and not been used by the vendor. So, the disks were raw. Raw disk can be a problem for the OSD. I had a problem with WinPE that doesn’t recognized the SSD disk. Only the card reader and the DVD drive. This means that the card reader(removable disk) gets automatically the C letter and the DVD drive the D letter.

The workaround for this was trying formatting, partitioning and assigning the SSD before starting the deployment task sequence in WinPE. This means that the SSD has been written, and not raw anymore, before starting the task sequence. So, the solution/workaround for this problem is:

In the properties of the boot image you can use a prestart command. At the launch WinPE will run this command automatically. In this command you can set networksettings or formatting the disk before its launching the task sequence, etc. I have made a txt file within the commands for Diskpart. The commands for Diskpart are:

select disk 0

create partition primary size=300

format quick fs=ntfs label=”TEMP”

assign letter=”C”

Diskpart Scripts and Examples: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/dn614984.aspx

Source directory is the directory where SCCM can find the txt file for Diskpart.

If you updated your boot image, you can try this workaround for the OSD. Maybe you have to configure some another settings like the correct disk number. Maybe you disk has number 2. But this workaround should work as a prestart command in WinPE. After running this command successfully, the task sequence or WinPE should recognized the SSD as a C: drive..