The following command will display all files and folders sorted by MegaBytes.

du –max-depth=1 sort -n awk ‘BEGIN {OFMT = “%.0f”} {print $1/1024,”MB”, $2}’

You should see an output of all your folders with the size of them in megabytes similar to the following:

0 MB ./.htpasswds 0 MB ./.trash 0 MB ./public_ftp 0 MB ./etc 0 MB ./.fontconfig 0 MB ./.cpanel 0 MB ./mail 4 MB ./tmp 1173 MB ./public_html 1224 MB .

This output shows that all files over 1 MB are in the /public_html. You can run this command on a directory basis to find folders that are large. Also, this command can be customized to refne your replace.