Thank you for your patience. I believe we have identified where the issue is, and I found that our document doesn’t clearly 1 more step require for Azure integration.

Please refer to the following documentation link, and please follow the documentation except additional information below, which is not stated in our documentation.

Document Name                                        : VMware AirWatch Windows Desktop Platform Guide Document Link on Resource Portal          : Page(s)                                                        : Page 30 & 31 Platform                                                      : Windows Desktop

  • In page 31 of this guide, steps are outlined for Azure AD On Prem integration through which Win 10 Desktops can later be enrolled.
  • On step 7 mentioned in page 30, Once the AirWatch by VMware Application is added on the Azure Portal, we are required to add another application called “On Premises MDM Application”.
  • This 2nd application is only referenced in the Text of step 7 and no corresponding screenshot is included.
  • Hence, customers may actually miss this step or find it difficult to find the 2nd application on the Azure Portal.
  • For reference please find attached screenshot of the “On Premises MDM Application” seen in Azure Portal of our Lab Environment.
  • If a similar screenshot is included in this guide, along with a screenshot of the settings described in step 10 of page 31, it would benefit customers while integrating Azure for Win 10 enrollment.

Basically you will need to add additional app “On Premises MDM Application” in your Azure portal. Please see screenshot attached below.

Old Azure Portal Link>.


Airwatch by VMWare Application settings:

Change Manage Devices for these users to NONE.

On-Premises MDM Application Settings: