The problem: During WinPE the dock’s RJ45 was getting an IP and progressing through the beginning steps of the task sequence fine. However when the machine booted the driver did not come back up until you un-plugged and re-plugged the type C adapter. This also occured with HP’s USB-C to RJ-45 Adapter as well. At this stage the adapter is completely useless in an imaging setting at the time of writing this.

The solution, during the driver process you need to add only the network driver, DLCDCNCM folder’s, and after the windows Setup and configMgr, install the package from : with this command line : “DisplayLink USB Graphics Software for Windows 8.3 M1.exe” -silent -noreboot -stageDrivers


  1. Download the DisplayLink driver for the link above and add the DLCDCNCM folder to a UNC path. 
  2. Create a new Driver Pack for the DisplayLink network driver and distribute it to the DP: 
  3. Create a New Group in the Task Sequence under the model deployment drivers. Add a wmi query to the group of the specific models that are most likely to use the dock for imaging. 
  4. Under the group you created in this case Dock Network Driver Install, add the Drive Package. This needs to occur before ‘Setup Windows and Configuration Manager’. After that step runs, there’s a reboot. It’s important that we get the driver install prior to that, otherwise SCCM will drop the ball. 
  5. Create a package that contains the DisplayLink exe file and distribute it to the DP. 
  6. Create another group under the Software Deployed driver section. This will be where we will install the full display link driver.  Ensure that you have a WMI query to target only models that would require to use this dock.
  7. Create a step under the group that deploys the setup.exe file with the following arguments.

    “DisplayLink USB Graphics Software for Windows 8.3 M1.exe” -silent -noreboot -stageDrivers