The following guide is an entry level tutorial on how to both factory default a Dell Powerconnect 6200 series switch and how to test the switches ports at the same time. Factory defaulting the switch is an easy process that will ensure you start with a clean slate when troubleshooting any switch troubles you might have.

In order to factory default and test the ports you will need the following:

  • A PC with a built in COM port. If the PC you use has no COM port, you will need to use a USB to COM port adapter. These can be found on Ebay cheaply
  • A female-female DB9 serial cable to connect your switch and computer
  • A 6200 series networking switch such as the Dell PowerConnect 6248P
  • An IP endpoint device for testing the ports. A laptop works for the Non-PoE switches as you are not testing the PoE. But for the 6224P and 6248P, you’ll want to use a PoE powered Ethernet device such as the Shoretel IP 230.


Once you have everything you need, follow this guide after booting up your switch!

Step 1: On initial boot: type 2, hit enter

Step 2: type 10 (restore factory defaults), hit enter

Are you SURE you want to delete the configuration? (y/n): (Y)es, hit enter

Step 3: On boot menu, type 9 (reset/reboot system), hit enter

Are you SURE you want to reset the system? (y/n): (Y)es, hit enter

Step 4: After reboot, the switch will ask you to enter Config Wizard: (Y)es


Dell Easy Setup Wizard - Step 4

Step 5: Enter SNMP – (N)o

Step 6: Username: [admin], hit enter to keep username as admin

Password: dell6248p (or whatever switch you’re using, eg: dell6224p), hit enter Re-enter password, press enter again

NOTE: This username / password is for the graphical user interface (GUI) you connect to through a web browser


Steps 5 through 7

Step 7: Boot off of IP address or DHCP:

NOTE: If you do not enter an IP address or the phrase DHCP, the IP address will default to For the purposes of this tutorial, you will need to go back to step one and start over.

Hit Enter for Default IP Subnet mask (

Hit Enter for Default Gateway (

Hit Enter

Step 8: (Y)es to save configuration

Step 9: En(able)

Hit Enter

Step 10: Show run(ning config) NOTE: this reveals switch’s IP address


Steps 7 through 10

Step 11: Open web browser (Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome)

Step 12: Go to

Step 13: Log in: admin / dell6248p

NOTE: Device information will show, see which ports are active

Step 14: To test PoE status, plug in a PoE powered device (such as an IP phone) into a port on the switch. The device should boot after a few seconds. Wait and reload the device information page by pressing F5 to see the port light up on the switch’s GUI page.


GUI Interface of a Dell Powerconnect 6224


An alternative way to test the switch’s ports is to use the show interface config command. This command gives you a command line interface (CLI) overview of the switch’s ports.