Set Application Icon Size in Software Center using Powershell

In this post I will show how to change the sizing of an application icon in Software Center using Powershell from this;


Small Software Center Icons

to this;

Big Software Center Icons


If you have recently upgraded to SCCM 1710, the 512PX sizing may or may not work. Seems that the maximum size is 250px by 250px.

  1. First load the SCCM powershell module in.

  2. One the SCCM module is loaded, copy and paste the following powershell script into a .PS1 file. Ensure that you name the powershell script as “Set-CMApplicationIcon.ps1“.

3. That’s it!



Note: I have set 110 x 110 pixel as default size in my script.

  • Resize application icon size with 110 x 110 pixel

  • Set a new image file for application with 110 x 110 pixel 


Icon’s don’t always need to be icons however, don’t believe me then take a look at this bitmap file. It makes some apps look a little bit more interesting for sure: