Intel AMT for Dell devices - Currently dealing with Dell devices at a customer site and they have requested that this feature is enabled in the BIOS. Looking through the BIOS there’s no reference to AMT found.

As I found out today this is something that can only be set upon purchase and set on the motherboard when being built in the factory. According to Dell this is also not a default option!

Usually you can quite quickly tell if it has the feature available from looking at the Intel sticker on the device, but if the sticker is removed jumping into the BIOS you can’t tell.

Here’s a couple of ways to check;

1. (Yet to be verified) : “Apparently” you can remove the bottom cover and look at the inside of it. There should be a sticker that contains a QR and/or a number.
• 4. AMT: NO TLS

You should see 1 and 3, but sometimes 1, 3, 4.

2. Plug the service tag into the replace box (, navigate to the System Configuration tab on the left and expand components field.

There should be a field that mentions the Intel vPro Feature. If it has a line similar to LABEL, SETTING/SETTINGS, MANAGEMENT, AMT/VPRO, 1 or LBL,STNG,MGMT,MEBX,DISABLE you can verify if its enabled or not by the last segment.