So recently I had a requirement where I needed to see failures of all task sequences deployed in an environment and report on the success or failure rates. So I came up with a report just to do it.

To set it up go to Monitoring > System Status > Status Message Queries.

select stat.*, ins.*, att1.*, stat.Time from SMS_StatusMessage as stat left join SMS_StatMsgInsStrings as ins on ins.RecordID = stat.RecordID left join SMS_StatMsgAttributes as att1 on att1.RecordID = stat.RecordID where (stat.Component = “Task Sequence Engine” or stat.Component = “Task Sequence Manager”) and stat.SiteCode = “YOUR-SITE-CODE-HERE” and stat.Time >= ##PRM:SMS_StatusMessage.Time## order by stat.Time DESC

When you run this query it will report back all the successes and failures from all task sequences. You can then drill down into each step to get error codes and further details.

When using the query above make sure that you replace the “YOUR-SITE-CODE-HERE” with your site code.

So what does this report look like?