All of you know the fabulous script PS2EXE by Ingo Karstein you can download here: PS2EXE : “Convert” PowerShell Scripts to EXE Files.

Unfortunately Ingo seems to have stopped working on his script so I overworked his script with some error fixes, improvements and output support for non-console WinForms scripts (parameter -noConsole to ps2exe.ps1).

GUI support:

– expanded every output and input function like Write-Host, Write-Output, Write-Error, Out-Default, Prompt, ReadLine to use WinForms message boxes or input boxes automatically when compiling a GUI application
– no console windows appears, real windows executables are generated
– just compile with switch “-noConsole” for this feature (i.e. .\ps2exe.ps1 .\output.ps1 .\output.exe -noConsole)
– see remarks below for formatting of output in GUI mode

Download Here: PS2EXE-GUI