So yeah, its been quite a while!

So much has changed since the last post. I have gotten married, I quit my job and soon to be walking into a new one. But most importantly I have a couple of small little projects I have been busily working on.

Firstly, for those avid viewers out there I have started to setup a shop. Your probably wondering what clothing merch I will be selling.. Haha, nope not going to do that. But instead I will be selling components and parts that I have modeled and then 3D printed. I have been modeling alot of rack 1u components, so why not share a bit and make it available to either print yourself or buy the part from me.  I will be adding alot more things too, I have a couple of ideas around Raspberry Pi’s so stay tuned for that.

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Speaking of which, yeah I now have a 3D printer. More to come here!

Also my home lab has now been fully upgraded. One of the most ambitious projects I have nearly finished is the “GREAT” migration from 3x R710 dell servers to 3x little Intel NUC i5 hosts. I have a post nearly finished that goes through the entire build process, things I found out a long the way and my road blocks.

Finally, all the usually types of posts I have had backed up for a while are now being edited and soon to be upload, likely late this year to early next year but theres some really good content in it.