Recently I needed to create a home screen and dock layout but soon released that I couldn’t do anything until I had a valid App bundle ID.

So I went and started to look around for this Bundle ID and came short. Where was I meant to get this bundle ID from?

Conveniently Microsoft has given us a start listing all the default apps included in the iOS operating system. This list can be located here.

However this doesn’t sort out all the apps. The next thing we need to do is collect the App ID number. This ID number can be located on any iOS app’s URL by navigating to the the webpage of the app.

I had the best luck locating these web pages by doing a google replace in the following structure. (platform ‘ie iPad or iPhone’) app store (app name ‘youtube kids’)

So once we load into the webpage, take a look at the URL. All iOS apps always end in a id123456789 number id. All we are interested in is the numbers.

Now that we have the ID we now need to locate the BundleID. To help assist with collecting multiple app bundleIDs I put together a quick powershell script that uses curl in a loop to collect the information quickly. Here’s a link to it here the PS1 script here.

Enter the ID into the PS Script.

Then locate the BundleID field usually located near the bottom.

As easy as that. Now for any iOS app you need you should be able to use this method to grab those BundleID’s and plug them into the Homepage Layout.