Building Block Truck

A little while ago Bunnings revealed that they would be going into the market selling unofficial "LEGO" kits. The first run would include the iconic Bunnings truck and the Warehouse itself.

As an unsuspecting Dad trying to get material for his weekend project - you see what happens when you take your daughter past one of these lego stands. Firstly a bit of confustion rolls over their little mind and then BAM, "Dad can I please have one please, please, please, please, please, please!!!"

Well as an obliging father I of couse said, 'no' and as any parent knows, your loving children get the old heart chisel out and start smashing the sledge hammer of words. Every single little thing that they have done right you get to hear about. Its absolutly amazing as well what she could come up with. "See dad, I picked up that packet of screw for you off the shelf, I'm being a great helper!" or "I got this coloured card from the shelf, I'm going to keep it incase you need a colour to paint my room".

Realising what she actually picked up was a pack of nails, you kindly put them away and do the parent drone - "Yes, what great help your being!".

Thrity minutes pass I have forgotten half of the things I needed from the all mighty green house and I walked out with not only one of these trucks for my daughter but also one for me. Well done Bunnings, well done. Your marketing team have done very well.  

So after all that, what is the hype? Why are they so popular. Firstly, its because its Lego. Anything Lego kids like. Its a little world that children can create using their hands and most importantly using thier imagination. It could also be why Minecraft also is so popular as well, but I digress.

Apart from building the truck, I always wanted to have a trailer to go along with it. They don't sell the trailer, but if I had two more trucks would I be able to build a trailer for my truck. The answer is yes..

Well done Bunnings, well done.

Block Truck with Trailer

As with any Lego build, you can definatly build it anyway you want. But you really want to keep it in the same design as the trucks layout is. So most of the beginning steps which focus on the rear of the vehicle you can follow. But remember that the wheel placement is important. It needs to be closer together unlike the main truck.

Eventually you will come to a desing like I did with what I have shown in the above picture. Weirdly it looks correct, and I think you could also reconfigure the truck to also be a semi configuration as well. Maybe I might try that one next.

In the coming months, Bunnings will be realeasing a series of different 'Building Block' kits. As of the date writing this (04/02/2021) they were only selling the Block Truck, Block Folklift and the Warehouse.  

The best part about these little creations that these stores come up with is that it brings you closer to your children. Up until now, my daughter used to hate coming to Bunnings with me. Now when I go, shes right there waiting to come along.