Microsoft Laps – Installation and Deployment

LAPS (Local Administration Password Solution) is a tool which provides administrators a way to periodically change a password, securely generate a unique password which is secure. When installing the MSI ensure you target the correct user collection. If you want Laps to be available to all user accounts on the machine, deploy that to everyone. If…Read More

Oracle VirtualBox Powershell Wrapper

The following powershell script will install VirtualBox silently and remove all unwanted shortcuts.


Application SHIMS

4. Resolving Application Compatibility Issues with Shims Most application incompatibilities occur when the application makes a request to the operating system. A very basic one is when an application asks, “Hey! What operating system are you?” Windows XP would respond, “I am 5.1.” Windows Vista would respond, “I am 6.0,” and Windows 7 would respond…Read More