SCCM Report Query which shows all Successes and Failures from all Task Sequences

So recently I had a requirement where I needed to see failures of all task sequences deployed in an environment and report on the success or failure rates. So I came up with a report just to do it. To set it up go to Monitoring > System Status > Status Message Queries.

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SCCM Device Collections based on Enclosure Type

SCCM Create Collections for Laptops In Configuration Manager a query is a specific set of instructions that extract information about a defined set of objects. You can create queries and store them in the Configuration Manager 2012 site database. By running a query, you search the database for information about the objects that match the query criteria. Configuration Manager…Read More

Patch Compliance Reporting in Configuration Manager with PowerBI

If you’ve done any work with System Center Configuration Manager sooner or later, you’ll get asked about leveraging it for patching. It might even be one of the first questions you get from management. That’s great because after all, patching with ConfigMgr is relatively simple provided you are allowed time and resources to create and ENFORCE a…Read More

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ConfigMgr Clients not upgraded to new ConfigMgr 2012


Show Operating System Versions in environment